Meet Emily Anderson, Our September Speaker

Since we haven’t had a regular event since July, we are very much looking forward to resuming our monthly career-focused workshop and networking event on Wednesday, September 21st. To boot, we have a great workshop lined up: Emily Anderson of is giving all of the MindShare community the opportunity to take The Business Evaluation & Suitability Test (BEST), a proprietary online assessment, geared to determine:

  • What types of businesses, industries or work environments do I really thrive?
  • How can I align my values and skills, and apply them to my career or business ownership?
  • How do I best process information and make decisions most effectively?

Emily AndersonTake the assessment, bring it to the MindShare event (printed out or on a laptop/tablet), and Emily is going to dig deep into the results and provide insights into your unique profile findings to deepen their impact and application in your life.

We’ll be at the Lucky Lab on NW Quimby, and the workshop will kick off at 4:30PM and networking will follow at 5:30PM.

Now, meet Emily Anderson:

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a native Oregonian, and from the growth of our community in recent decades, I feel like I’m one of the rare few who can say that!

I come from an entrepreneurial family, where my parents worked hard and played hard. It definitely rubbed off on me!  I found the corporate experience and the control, fear, and lack of flexibility, so often inherent in that structure, absolutely suffocating. There’s a devious side to me that finds enormous satisfaction in helping others break out of the box (responsibly, not recklessly, of course).

Maybe that’s why I love working with this profile process so much – it provides such deep insights into people and immediately lets me see areas in their life that either aren’t a fit or with a few small adjustments, could be a fit.

2. What will you be covering in your presentation?

This is like eHarmony or, where we’ll use scientific profiling to match you to ideal careers, industries, or business ownership options.  Highly unique, highly valuable.

3. Why should Portland professionals attend?

They get to access a proprietary online profile without paying the license fee!  Organizations typically pay for access and to have a consultant speak on the findings.  This is only for pdxMindShare members!

4. What are the top 3 takeaways for attendees?

  • Personalized insights into careers/businesses where you thrive!
  • Specific language for job seekers to speak confidently and accurately about themselves
  • Highly unique networking opportunity.  Leave your 30-sec elevator pitches at home.  This is gonna get REAL!!!