Top 5 Job Market Trends of 2022

As pandemic restrictions begin to lift across the US and beyond and we find our way back to a “new normal”, some clear trends in the job market have begun to emerge, while others that have been around for a while make themselves at home. In this blog post we will examine the top 5 […]

Post-Covid Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

As we all get fully vaccinated and slowly return to the new normal post-pandemic, the job market is starting to open up and many are throwing themselves back into the job search. Just like with any job search, you’ll have to prepare yourself for the interview and the questions your prospective employer will ask. However, […]

6 Job Search Trends for Job Seekers in 2021

Everything is different in our new normal; the pandemic year affected all facets of our lives. Job searching, especially, will be very different in 2021, following the 2020 pandemic. Like with everything else, we all have to adjust to the changes in this new era. Though 2020 put a lot of obstacles in our way, […]

The Benefit Employees Really Want

There are four most important needs a person attempts to get from their job, and these needs factor deeply into the job search: Achievement (job title), Security (a steady paycheck), Culture (a great team), and Freedom (a flexible schedule). We were curious to know which is most important to our audience of job seekers, so […]