How to Nurture Inclusion in the Workplace

We’re in a time of great social change, and with that comes brand responsibility. More businesses are stressing the importance of inclusion in their public-facing materials, particularly in their online job listings. Employers are beginning to realize that inclusion is essential for employee retention and loyalty, and the key to business success. Companies thrive from […]

How to Communicate Better at Work

How to Communicate Better at Work Analysis of the DISC Personality Types   The office is a thriving collection of several different personalities, all navigating their own communication styles and methods to complete their tasks. Though there are many different personality types (Myers Briggs, 16 Personalities, and so many more), we boiled them all down […]

How to Become a Better Listener at Work

Career growth, and personal growth, depends on both hard and soft skills. One particular soft skill every professional should learn or improve upon is listening. A good listener benefits the team and a company’s customer service. Unfortunately, becoming a better listener is easier said than done! How do you become a better listener at work? […]

How to Spot Diversity in a Company During Your Job Search

Diversity in a team is vital to a business’s success, but also to an employee’s career success and overall happiness. Companies that value different ideas and thought processes experience better growth and often reward their team members, making these companies the ideal places in which to work for both parties. Employers notice more productivity and […]

5 Tips to Cope with WFH Stress

How are you maintaining your mental health during the current global health crisis? Many are struggling with this new full-time work-from-home order. Mental health concerns are at an all-time high, as each of us are disconnected from loved ones to respect social distancing. For those who are still working, you may have been relegated to […]

Guest Post: Remote Team Management

How to Connect with a Remote Team and Build Loyalty Through a Pandemic By Kent Lewis, Anvil Media President & Founder Having trouble connecting with your remote team? Are you challenged with engagement or motivation of your employees? The current health crisis has increased the desire and value to stay connected and collaborative, both personally […]

6 Things to Do If You’re Laid Off During COVID-19

We’re in an uncertain time and many companies are having to make cutbacks to reduce expenses. Unfortunately, one of those cutbacks is to staff. Several people are losing their jobs and they’re left wondering, “what now?” We all feel a little lost at the moment. We’re all looking for some answers to our laundry list […]

Upcoming pdxMindShare Events!

We’ve been busy at pdxMindShare lining up great speakers for our monthly career-focused workshop and networking events, and we have some dynamite topics and presenters on the horizon! As a reminder, all of our events happen on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Our location is going to change since our friends at Trader Vic’s […]