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March’s Presentation & Handout from Jenny Foss of!
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pdxMindShare is an excellent venue for folks currently unemployed or thinking of making a change. It is actually great for anyone just trying to stay current with what is happening in the world. The e…
Cleon Cox III
Since my first visit a few years ago, the format had changed to one that I really like. The presentations, the opportunities to network, the venues, and the great communication make the monthly career…
Bill Cohen
The events and workshops pdxMindShare hosts give job seekers a truly valuable forum to learn, navigate and network. It’s great to have such a wonderful resource to recommend to our Oregon-based client…
Jenny Foss
The pdxMindShare events are very helpful and the topics relevant to people regardless of the career stage. They are very welcoming and inclusive in an age when both are sorely lacking.
Don Paumier
Mindshare has been invaluable in my career exploration. What I have most appreciated is the level of engagement. Networking with participants has helped me spark new ideas in seeking work. The speaker…
Kyle Eilenfeldt
pdxMindshare events and connections are fantastic! A quality network of professionals who desire to grow, learn, and not only empower their careers, but make Portland a better place to live, work and …
Chris Bartell
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