Getting Comfortable with City Lights

A blog dedicated to those from small towns, villages, or anyone who’s adjusting to a new environment.  We had the opportunity to chat with the collegiate athlete, YouTuber, and entrepreneur Wallace Ungwiluk from Gambell, Alaska.  Gambell, Alaska is located on St. Lawrence Island along the Bering Sea and is home to a mere 650 people. […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Internship

  Are you starting a new internship and want to know how to actually have it benefit you in some way? A lot of times, people just coast through internships without genuinely taking something away from them. We give you four simple ways to make sure your internship will be worth it. Be comfortable with […]

5 tips for creating good first impressions

  Do you have a job interview coming up, or your first day at a new company? There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you begin to prepare for that solid first impression, and we’ve got you covered. In this article, we provide an outline of how to succeed in […]

After The Ball Drops- A Message to Athletes on the Importance of Getting a Degree and Networking

One of the biggest unanswered questions that collegiate athletes face is what to do after they’re done playing. Everyone encounters moments of uncertainty or self-doubt, especially in the vulnerable post-grad phase of life, but for athletes leaving the sport they’ve known their whole life it’s a whole different story. You work years and years during […]

7 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills at Work

Nobody is born a great public speaker. In fact, more people than you think dread getting up in front of a crowd. Despite how intimidating it can seem, strong public speaking skills can give you a huge advantage in your career. Use these 7 tips to learn how to get comfortable in front of audiences, […]

Skills You Need to Successfully Work from Home

Working from home can be a great privilege and, since the pandemic started, it’s become a typical way of life for most of us. It’s also been a lesson for employees who haven’t had much experience with remote working in the past. Some have adjusted more successfully than others, having the discipline and mentality for […]

5 Simple Job Search Tips That People Always Forget

How is the job search going? If you cringed at the question, you might be struggling because your job-hunting strategy needs some adjustments. We’ve got you covered! There may be only a few slight adjustments to make to your daily tasks more effective and get you a step closer to landing your dream job. Try […]

How to Ask for a Job Reference (And Actually Get It)

Do you cringe whenever a career coach or hiring manager asks for your references? That’s a normal reaction. A lot of job seekers find asking for references intimidating. Let’s be honest, asking people to say nice things about you is awkward. But it’s a necessary evil to land a great position with a credible company […]