5 Benefits to Negotiate Other Than Salary

When you receive an offer letter for a new job, excitement sets in – as it should. Congrats! Take a breath and give yourself at least 24 hours before responding, to get yourself in the right mindset for negotiation. Yes, you have to negotiate the job offer. When you receive a new job offer, it’s […]

How to Find Your Ideal Career in 2021

Sometimes it feels impossible to find your dream job. After trying so long, many of us get discouraged and just find the position offering enough that we can pay our bills. We settle for jobs that don’t align with our interests or values, or utilize the best of our skillset. But you don’t have to […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Professional Development Budget

We are offered many employee benefits when given the long-awaited offer letter. We’re familiar with health benefits, the company 401K match, the personal time off allowance each year, and family leave policies. However, another benefit among companies is on the rise: the Professional Development Budget. This employee perk provides a lot of value, but is […]

The Benefit Employees Really Want

There are four most important needs a person attempts to get from their job, and these needs factor deeply into the job search: Achievement (job title), Security (a steady paycheck), Culture (a great team), and Freedom (a flexible schedule). We were curious to know which is most important to our audience of job seekers, so […]