How to Add Your Hobbies to Your Résumé

Our hobbies and interests in our personal life inform our professional interests and career goals. So, why would you not put them on your résumé? It’s alright, in fact encouraged, to add your hobbies to your résumé. However, there is a proper way to do it that tells the story of who you are and […]

How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

In the digital age, it’s impossible to job search effectively without an online presence, especially in regard to LinkedIn. Your profile is your online résumé, with one crucial difference: write it in first person. Recruiters and hiring managers are actively looking on LinkedIn for their next prospect. So, how do you get noticed and land […]

Skills Employers Are Looking For

There are two types of skills that employers are looking for: soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills are interpersonal; they’re qualities a person has learned overtime through their experiences and often have naturally. Hard skills are proficiencies that can be learned through education and training and often have physical representations, like certifications or degrees, […]

How to Write a Kick-Ass Résumé

A résumé shouldn’t be a collection of facts, it should tell a story about you. What do you want the hiring manager to remember about you when they’re done reading? That’s your career-story! For example, if you’re applying to be a Project Manager, you might want the person perusing your résumé to remember you as […]

Tips for Job Hunting

Job hunting is something we all can relate to. Everyone has, at some point, searched for a job. You’re probably looking for one now. We can help! We’ve been around the job-hunting block. Try these tips to help with the hunt!   Identify your Skills and Interests You don’t just want a job; you want […]

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It’s a Wrap! What a Great 2016, pdxMindShare!

What a year it’s been! From losing our long-time venue and friends at Trader Vic’s and trying out some new locations like Ecliptic and Touché before landing at the Lucky Lab on Quimby, to the excellent people I get to see each month, I couldn’t be more touched with the MindShare group. Each month, our […]

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Our pdxMindShare Event with JobJenny will be at Touché on April 20th!

We are very excited to have JobJenny back with us at pdxMindShare next week and hope you will all join us at Touché on NW Glisan and 15th for a workshop on resumes and networking with dozens of Portland professionals. Career coach and resume writer extraordinaire Jenny Foss of will talk about how to make a resume that […]

Upcoming pdxMindShare Events!

We’ve been busy at pdxMindShare lining up great speakers for our monthly career-focused workshop and networking events, and we have some dynamite topics and presenters on the horizon! As a reminder, all of our events happen on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Our location is going to change since our friends at Trader Vic’s […]