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Podcast Episodes:

What Benefits Can You Negotiate in a Job Offer?
When offered a new job, we all know to negotiate salary. But what if you’re happy with the salary offered, but not as happy with the other benefits or your schedule? You don’t have to pass on this opportunity. You can negotiate your benefits!

How to Reach Out to a Recruiter
You never have to wait for a recruiter to come to you again; reach out to them! We’re giving advice on how to digitally approach a recruiter and make that connection without being too pushy.

5 Ways to Get the Most of Your Professional Development Budget
What is a professional development budget and what do you do with it? his employee benefit provides a lot of value, but is still so new that not many know how it can be used or how truly valuable it is to an employee’s career growth.

Creating the Master Resume
It’s exhausting creating a customized resume for every job application. Make it easier on yourself! Utilize these resume tips to create a “master” resume and easily cut and paste information as you need it for every application. Find out how!

How to Network Like A Boss
Introverts, this one is for you! Finding the perfect job opportunity is dependent on networking, to get all the information you need and to get your foot in the door. Unfortunately, it’s also the biggest challenge for most job searchers. Learn how to network like a boss!

Types of Work Leave
What types of paid or unpaid leave are available to you? And when is the right time to talk to HR about life events that will affect your ability to work? We cover all that in this episode of pdxMindShares.

Building Out Your Resume with Little or No Experience
Are you a recent college grad with little to no experience the year of, or following, the pandemic? pdxMindShares host shares tips for building out your resume and standing out among the job competition with little experience.

How to Move on After Job Search Rejection
Job searching comes with a lot of rejection and ghosting. It’s frustrating to sit and wait for someone to change your life with a single “yes.” Here’s how to move on from the many “NOs.”

Your Greatest Weakness
Do you dread that interview question – what is your greatest weakness? You won’t have to any longer! Tip: Your greatest “weakness” is your greatest strength. On this episode, we talk about finding the job that will put your greatest weakness/strength to good use.

How to Spot Diversity within a Company
Diversity in a team is vital to a business’s success, but also to an employee’s career success and overall happiness. We should all strive to land a position with an inclusive team in an inspiring workplace. So, how do you spot an inclusive workplace during the job search?

How to Build Your Personal Brand
Why do you need a personal brand? Mainly for job searching or advancing your career. The job market is rough and competitive, and a personal brand establishes who you are and what you can offer that no one else can in a short amount of time. It helps you stand out from the crowd and move forward to becoming an industry thought leader to meet your career goals. Here’s how to build one!

Skills to Successfully Work From Home
Some have adjusted to remote work more successfully than others, having the discipline and mentality for it. But some have truly struggled, though they may want to improve and keep the flexible schedule benefit even as we migrate back to in-office work. If you want to continue, you’ll need to master a few skills to successfully work from home moving forward. We have six skills you need to successfully work from home.

Identify Your Skills & Interests
We all want to find a job we’ll enjoy getting up everyday to get to, but that can be so hard to find. Where do you even start? We recommend identifying your skills and interests in your down time, to match those to any job descriptions you come across in job listings. We have five ways to identify those skills and interests during your job search.

Job Search Tips People Always Forget
How is the job search going? If you cringed at the question, you might be struggling because your job-hunting strategy needs some adjustments. We’ve got you covered! There may be only a few slight adjustments to make to your daily tasks more effective and get you a step closer to landing your dream job. Try these 5 simple job search tips that people always forget.

How to Fight Job Search Depression
Getting constantly turned down during your search for the perfect job fit can be discouraging and can often lead to depression. How do you deal with it? We have a few tips to help you.

Turn Your Internship into Full-Time Job
Shout-out to all interns, roughing it for experience and education. If you’re happy with your team and the company, you may be considering staying after the internship is scheduled to end. Learn how to turn that internship into full-time employment!

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You WFH Full-Time
Have you been enjoying your work-from-home time during the pandemic? As we move out of the stay-at-home era and start planning to head back to the office, some have gotten comfortable with their remote work situation and hesitate to return. Learn how to convince your boss to make it permanent.

Common Interview Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
What are the most common interview mistakes candidates make and how do we avoid making them ourselves? Find out!

The Hiring Process, From The Recruiter’s POV
We sat down with Mike Terry, Anvil Media’s Hiring Manager, to ask him a few questions about the hiring process from the recruitment side. Hear his insights to help you in your job search!

Job Searching During COVID
We’re in an uncertain time and many companies are having to make cutbacks to reduce expenses. We all feel a little lost at the moment and looking for some answers to our laundry list of questions. You may be wondering: What next? What do you say to your family when you get home? And the most important question of all, what do you do if you get laid off or furloughed during the health crisis? Take a breath and consider these suggestions as we move forward in the Coronavirus era.

Skills Employers Look For
There are two types of skills that employers are looking for: soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills are interpersonal; they’re qualities a person has learned overtime through their experiences and often have naturally. Hard skills are proficiencies that can be learned through education and training and often have physical representations, like certifications or degrees, that can be shown to other people. Both sets are valuable and should be advertised during your job search.

Cover Letters and Resumes That Will Get You Hired
A résumé shouldn’t be a collection of facts, it should tell a story about you. What do you want the hiring manager to remember about you when they’re done reading? That’s your career-story! And your cover letter is the cover for your story. Use these tips to improve your cover letter and resume to get you hired.

How to Ace the Video Interview
Companies are still hiring, and they’ve taken their interviews virtual. Video interviews provide a little more freedom, but should still be treated like a real in-person interview, even with extra freedoms. Learn how to ace your next video interview.

Managing a Remote Team, Featuring Anvil Media’s Kent Lewis
Having trouble connecting with your remote team? Are you challenged with engagement or motivation of your employees? The current health crisis has increased the desire and value to stay connected and collaborative, both personally and professionally. But how are businesses managing it? Owner, President, and Founder of Anvil Media, and pdxMindShare Founder Kent Lewis shared his thoughts with us during this interview.