Join us for September’s MindShare Event!

“UnPacking My (BEST) Profile”

Best AssessmentMindShare is looking forward to our next event on September 21st back at Lucky Lab on NW Quimby. We are excited to have first-time speaker, Emily Anderson, who will be “UnPackaging” the BEST (Business Evaluation & Sustainability Test) assessment  we are giving our MindShare community the opportunity to take. She uses this assessment to help place people with small businesses and to help you determine where you are best suited to work. As a bonus, it gives you some great language to use in interviews and on your resume.

More about the event:

Good news!  When we align our actions with our values, we are more engaged, fulfilled and successful.  We accomplish more and struggle less.

However, just because we’re good at something (actions), doesn’t mean we feel called to do it (values).

Most of us experience a disconnect, not necessarily by our choosing, but by the demands of our job or the job market.  In order to pay the bills, we toughen up and tough it out.  Over time, this has a ripple effect into our personal life.  We feel disengaged and unfulfilled at work, then bring that lethargy and emotional flatness into our daily lives.

How can we find congruence and fulfillment?

The Business Evaluation & Suitability Test (BEST) is a proprietary online assessment and in this workshop, Emily Anderson is going to dig deep into the results and provide insights into your unique profile findings to deepen their impact and application in your life.  You will learn:

  • What types of businesses, industries or work environments do I really thrive?
  • How can I align my values and skills, and apply them to my career or business ownership?
  • How do I best process information and make decisions most effectively?

This online assessment is available to pdxMindShare members for a limited time!  To make the most out of this unique workshop:

  1. Click here to complete the online Business Evaluation & Suitability Test (takes 20-30 minutes)
  2. Receive your results in an 11-page report
  3. Bring your results to the next pdxMindShare on Wednesday, September 21st to deepen your understanding and application of your personal results