Kent Lewis, Anvil & pdxMindShare Founder, Shares Career Resources

Since 1999, I’ve helped students and professionals build their careers through pdxMindShare. I never turn down a coffee meeting to learn individuals’ stories and goals and offer my advice and experience. While long overdue, I felt it was time to create a blog post incorporating helpful links to those looking to enhance their careers in […]

Creating Effective Stay Interviews to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

Employee engagement and retention are both costly and common among organizations. Fortunately, there is one affordable and effective strategy companies can implement proven to dramatically increase both employee retention and engagement: stay interviews. Stay interviews are structured conversations between managers and their direct reports to understand what motivates employees to stay with the company. They […]

One Way Your Company is Currently Failing with Employee Engagement

Curating a compelling employee experience has been an obsession of mine since selling my business in 2022. Since then, I’ve identified Why Your Company Needs a Comprehensive Employee and Customer Experience Plan and created a roadmap for Auditing the employee journey. I’ve also helped entrepreneurs and business leaders Learn how to increase company revenue, profit […]

Navigating the Job Market in 2024: Best Practices for Success

Securing a job in 2024 requires a strategic approach that aligns with the dynamic nature of the contemporary job market. As technology advances and the global economy undergoes transformations, job seekers must adapt and embrace new best practices to stand out in a competitive landscape. This article outlines key strategies for navigating the job search […]

How to craft a resume that performs well with HR software filters

In today’s job market, having an impressive resume is crucial for getting your foot in the door. However, with the rise of applicant tracking systems and AI resume screening, crafting a resume that will make it past the initial filters is becoming increasingly challenging. According to studies, over 75% of resumes submitted online are filtered […]

Professional Networking Tips for College Graduates

As a proud alumni of Western Washington University’s College of Business and Economics, I’ve remained active as an advisory board member for the Marketing Department. While I’ve shared career advice and marketing tips with students as a guest speaker in the past, I was recently asked to share my thoughts about networking as part of […]

Getting Comfortable with City Lights

A blog dedicated to those from small towns, villages, or anyone who’s adjusting to a new environment.  We had the opportunity to chat with the collegiate athlete, YouTuber, and entrepreneur Wallace Ungwiluk from Gambell, Alaska.  Gambell, Alaska is located on St. Lawrence Island along the Bering Sea and is home to a mere 650 people. […]