Internships vs. Externships

Internships vs. Externships What’s Best for You?   We’ve all heard the saying that we need to “pay our dues” before. Simply put, we all have to put in the time and effort to begin our careers or break into something new; we all start at the beginning. For most, the beginning is an internship […]

The Hiring Process from the Recruiter’s POV

With furloughs, lay-offs, and full terminations happening at companies nationwide, many employees have found themselves back on the job search. As you go through interview after interview and send in application after application, you’re probably wondering what the hiring manager is thinking through the whole process. Are you asking yourself: What is the hiring process […]

How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

In the digital age, it’s impossible to job search effectively without an online presence, especially in regard to LinkedIn. Your profile is your online résumé, with one crucial difference: write it in first person. Recruiters and hiring managers are actively looking on LinkedIn for their next prospect. So, how do you get noticed and land […]

Changing Careers During COVID-19

If you were recently laid off, you’re most likely deciding your next move with all this new free time. Now is the time to rethink the direction in which you want to take your career. If you’ve recently lost your job, choose to think of this as an opportunity to find what you really want […]

6 Things to Do If You’re Laid Off During COVID-19

We’re in an uncertain time and many companies are having to make cutbacks to reduce expenses. Unfortunately, one of those cutbacks is to staff. Several people are losing their jobs and they’re left wondering, “what now?” We all feel a little lost at the moment. We’re all looking for some answers to our laundry list […]

How to Ace your Video Interview

With social distancing, companies have had to get creative with interviewing, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped altogether. Most businesses have taken interviews via video chatting. Video interviews provide a little more freedom to keep notes by your side while you interview. It should still be treated like a real in-person interview, even with extra […]

Your Body Talks: The Dos and Don’ts of Body Language During an Interview

Interviews are our worst fear realized; Every little thing we say and do is being carefully judged. So, our body language matters as much as the language we’re speaking when answering questions. But, there’s good news. Body language is as much for you as it is to impress them. Your body sends messages internally while […]

How to Crush the Behavioral Interview

  While we can’t predict every question an interviewer will ask, we can prepare for the most common ones. Among those common interview inquiries are the six most common behavioral interview questions. When crafting an answer, it helps to know the purpose of each question and why it’s being asked. Each question has a goal. […]