The Future of Work

Michael Perman creates a balanced recipe of facts, insights and imagination to convey what may be coming in our future and how to leverage these foresights for positive change. He is the head of C’EST WHAT, LLC, the Mindful Innovation firm based in Portland, OR, where he provides innovation strategy consultation to large and emerging companies.  Michael believes innovation is all about asking really good questions. Experienced in culinary arts, consumer culture, fashion and retailing, Michael has a history of seeing emerging trends before they become mainstream. Michael is also host of the podcast CRAVING THE FUTURE, which was launched with assistance of Anvil – now entering its second season.

Event Details: 

September 20th
11:00AM – 12:00PM

What will you be covering in your presentation?

Michael will be revealing emerging themes that will influence the Future of Work. He will share emerging changes in the way “work” is defined, how talent is managed, how people learn skills to be successful, how organizations may be structured and how compensation is provided.

Why Should Portland professionals attend?

If you are responsible to managing talent in your organizations, either directly or virtually, this session will provide you with insights and ideas to optimize your concept of “work”, enabling people to thrive and prosper.  If you are part of a working team, this session will provide insights on ways to optimize your experience. The FUTURE OF WORK” will feature the best current and future thinking on the concept of “work” as illuminate via interviews with intriguing thought leaders in the field of human resources.

What are the top 3 takeaways for attendees?

  1. DISPERSION: New models for making work happen that is virtual, seamless and timely
  2. CULTURE CHANGES that need to happen in the new world of work-styles
  3. The new RELATIONSHIP OF VALUE and the new give/get in organizations