Outsmart The Hustle

Michael KnouseMichael KnouseMichael Knouse is an entrepreneur, community builder and business coach + strategist. He hosts The Startup Sessions podcast and is the creator of The Council of Visionary Business Builders.

He works with visionary service entrepreneurs (consultants, coaches, creative professionals, speakers and influencers) to help them align their personal preferences with their business vision.

Michael’s specialty is helping others achieve the growth, profitability and contribution level they desire while keeping their integrity intact.

Michael lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Jill, and his very favorite things are trail running, shredding steeps on powder days, yoga, playing with Addiebelle (the cutest dog in the world), having life-shifting conversations and experiencing new cultures and traditions through travel.

For more information, visit michaelknouse.com or reach out to Michael directly at michael@michaelknouse.com.

Event Details:

October 18th
11:00AM – 12:00PM

What will you be covering in your presentation?

Being “busy” is no longer a status symbol or a badge of honor. In fact, it’s an indicator of your level of mastery (or not) as a professional. Many people operate in a perpetual state of overwhelm – working all the time and constantly responding to the needs of others. Yet, to think big and have breakthroughs, we must create space to think, learn, grow, and recharge. It’s time to learn how to stop trying to do everything and start working on the right things.

Why Should Portland Professionals Attend?

If you’re feeling a little out of whack or you’re finding it challenging to “get everything done”, this webinar will put you on a path of clarity and focus for streamlining your work and life.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

    • My proven process for creating extraordinary focus and momentum
    • The power of accomplishing small wins
    • How to set reock-solid boundaries
    • Implementing the art of ‘Deep Work’
    • How to be a master of your calendar
    • How to decide if you should say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to something

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