Meet November’s Speaker: Emily Anderson

We are so excited to introduce everyone to Emily Anderson. Emily is an Associate Consultant at FranNet where she helps people find their passion and freedom through franchise ownership. She has a passion for helping people and she enjoys the same freedom and flexibility that she helps others achieve through business ownership.

We are switching to webinars

MindShare is always looking to evolve to the changing needs of it’s constituents. We’ve evaluated the value of the physical networking and workshops and have determined that taking a digital approach will better meet everyone’s logistical and schedule challenges. To ensure that every MindShare member has access to our workshops, we are going to be switching from in-person workshops to online  webinars. We will continue to partner with other organizations throughout the year for in-person networking events. We are also evaluating other ways to maximize the value of future special in-person workshops, so stay tuned for details. To RSVP for this webinar please contact Paris. She will make sure you are added to the webinar promotion list. We hope this change has a positive effect on our member’s workshop experience.

A little bit about Emily:

  • Tell us a little about yourself:
    • I’m a free-spirited professional who finds enormous satisfaction in opening doors of possibility and empowerment for others.
  • What will you be covering in your presentation?
    • We’re going deep in a fun and humorous way! I’m going to unpack everyone’s B.E.S.T. personality results and provide deeper insights into what makes us tick, what motivates our performance, how we best process information, and how to live and work in harmony with others – especially those unlike us.
  • Why Should Portland professionals attend?
    • Let’s face it — most professionals are pretty self-aware, so we’re taking this to whole NEW LEVEL!
      • Discover how you “show up” in the world, personally and professionally
      • Improve relationship and communication with colleagues and family members
      • Access unique language and information used for interviewing and resumes
  • What are the top 3 takeaways for attendees?
    1. What inspires my B.E.S.T. performance, personally and professionally?
    2. Which professional positions and/or industries B.E.S.T. align with my unique personality?
    3. How does my communication style work for me? How/where can I improve?


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