Meet March’s Speaker: Kent Lewis

5 Strategies to Turn an Internship into a Career in Search Marketing

Kent Lewis
We are excited to introduce Kent Lewis as pdxMindShare’s speaker for March! Kent Lewis is the President and Founder of Anvil Media, a digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon and has co-founded a handful of agencies and organizations, including pdxMindShare, eROI, and SEMpdx. He is a regular speaker, an adjunct professor at Portland State University, and regularly contributes to industry publications.

We are switching to webinars

MindShare is always looking to evolve to the changing needs of its constituents. We’ve evaluated the value of the physical networking and workshops and have determined that taking a digital approach will better meet everyone’s logistical and schedule challenges. To ensure that every MindShare member has access to our workshops, we are going to be switching from in-person workshops to online webinars. We will continue to partner with other organizations throughout the year for in-person networking events. We are also evaluating other ways to maximize the value of future special in-person workshops, so stay tuned for details. To RSVP for this webinar please contact Paris. She will make sure you are added to the webinar promotion list. We hope this change has a positive effect on our member’s workshop experience.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

  • I’m a Scorpio and Pacific NW Native that enjoys a good whiskey. My day job is President & Founder of Anvil Media, a measurable marketing agency. I also founded pdxMindShare, co-founded SEMpdx and am involved in charitable organizations like SMART. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and helping small business grow, but also appreciate the challenges of connecting global brands with their constituents.

What Will You Be Covering in Your Presentation?

  • As a former intern (twice) and hiring manager for the past 20 years or so, I’ve had the opportunity to learn first hand, then share my insights with younger generations in regard to building a career out of an internship. My presentation will cover five proven strategies to secure a full-time job, if not a career, from an internship role.

Why Should Portland Professionals Attend?

  • While recent graduates are an obvious beneficiary of this presentation, anyone looking to change careers or expedite their trajectory at a current employer would benefit from these insights. The five strategies I outline apply to anyone at any age, but certainly benefit those with less working experience most.

What are the Top 3 Takeaways for Attendees?

  • Learn how to make a positive impression and impact early with your employer
  • Gain insights into how learning and failure play a critical role in your journey
  • Leverage the power of owning your own work experience

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