5 Simple Job Search Tips That People Always Forget

How is the job search going?

If you cringed at the question, you might be struggling because your job-hunting strategy needs some adjustments. We’ve got you covered! There may be only a few slight adjustments to make to your daily tasks more effective and get you a step closer to landing your dream job. Try these 5 simple job search tips that people always forget.

Scream “I’m the Perfect Fit!”

They can’t turn you down if you’re the perfect fit, right? So, customize your resume and cover letter for the position so well that they can’t turn you away. And when we advise customizing, we don’t only mean customize your responsibilities to represent the job description. You’ll also want to customize your word choice to match theirs. Look at the buzzwords they use in their description and on their website (especially the words they use for their core values). These documents you send in with your application should scream “I’m the perfect fit for your open position!”


Outreach/Virtual Networking

While having a well-written resume and cover letter is vital, don’t let your written documents speak for you. Take the initiative to reach out to hiring manager, recruiters, and potential team members at the company you’re applying to. It helps to put a name with a face, even before they call you in for an interview. Reach out to them and show them how likeable you are! Moreover, we used to be able to connect and network during industry events (which is the best way to find a new job). Now, we’re taking everything virtual. Try attending a virtual networking event on LinkedIn, Eventbrite, or any number of them available on industry specific sites.


LinkedIn Matters

You need to be on LinkedIn. If you are, but not actively using it during your job search, we highly encourage it. Hiring managers and recruiters everywhere are using it to learn more about you after they receive your application. If you’re not on the platform, it’s as though you don’t exist in the professional atmosphere. Show off your accomplishments, samples of your work, and share job or industry news on your profile. This activity will catch the hiring manager’s eye and put you ahead of the competition that may be lacking on LinkedIn as well.


Say Thank You

A little thank-you goes a long way. It can be as simple as an email, though some employers are partial to hand-written notes. Either will suffice and put you ahead of other candidates. In a recent interview with hiring manager, Mike Terry, he pointed out how little job seekers thank the interviewer or follow up. Show your potential employer that you’re a reliable employee and passionate about the position with a kind, carefully crafted thank-you note.


Update Job-Seeking Materials as Needed

It’s a best practice to frequently update your resume and cover letter, but job seekers will often forget the other best practices: updating your LinkedIn profile and any portfolios displaying work samples. It doesn’t look good to send in an outdated resume with missing past experience, a cover letter without updated skills, link to a LinkedIn profile that hasn’t been active or updated in the last year or more, or a portfolio without any new material especially when relevant to the current time (2020). Every year comes with new changes that affect our professional lives, including experience and skillset. And the most common mistake: sending in materials meant for another company that weren’t updated with this new company’s name and contact information. Make sure all your materials are updated before sending them in!


We wish you the best of luck with your job search! For more job seeking and interview tips, follow our blog and catch new episodes of our podcast.


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