What You Missed at MindShare’s June Workshop with Danielle Baker

Danielle Baker of Science of People and DanielleMBaker.com came back to present at MindShare this month, and just as I suspected, she was nothing short of fabulous. Her presentation focused on body language and people skills for business. One of the reasons I enjoy her presentations so much is she doesn’t only tell us how we should behave professionally, she also gives us solid evidence as to why we should listen to her. If there was one main takeaway from her workshop I can give you all, it would be to use your hands. Did you know hands are the first thing people notice about you subconsciously and is a big indicator if people will trust you or not? Here are a few other tidbits about hands and touch that you should think about when meeting and interacting with people:

  • Just one good handshake is worth 3 hours of face time. 3 hours! And a hug is worth even more. Why you ask? It’s due to the oxytocin that is released when touching another human being.
  • YouTube videos of Ted Talks where people use hand gestures get far more views than those without. You are more likely to be believed and engaging with hand gestures.
  • Jurors find defendants that put their hands under the table more sneaky and less trustworthy.

So, please keep your hands out of your pockets, above the table, make gestures, and be sure to make physical contact. If you practice this and use it, it will hep you be remembered, believed in, appear trustworthy, and happier.

Danielle also talked about facial expressions and much more. She doesn’t have slides to share, but she is providing some homework and videos to watch to improve your interactions professionally and personally. Please reach out to her for questions or if you’d like to engage in some coaching!

Danielle M Baker, Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach 

Site: DanielleMBaker.com 

Email: d@daniellembaker.com 

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