Skills You Need to Successfully Work from Home

Working from home can be a great privilege and, since the pandemic started, it’s become a typical way of life for most of us. It’s also been a lesson for employees who haven’t had much experience with remote working in the past. Some have adjusted more successfully than others, having the discipline and mentality for it. But some have truly struggled, though they may want to improve and keep the flexible schedule benefit even as we migrate back to in-office work. If you want to continue, you’ll need to master a few skills to successfully work from home moving forward. We have six skills you need to successfully work from home.

Willing to Take Initiative

Being able to work independently is kind of a given, but you need more than that. You need to be able to take initiative and get things done without checking in with a supervisor or much handholding. Are you the type who needs more, detailed instruction? Do you need team collaboration to inspire ideas? Do you need a supervisor or team member to supply strategy, while you’re more the task master? Work from home might not be for you. For remote work and productivity, you’ll need to be able to think outside the box and complete tasks on your own without checking in with someone.


Ability to Problem Solve

On the topic of strategy and thinking creatively, you’ll need to be able to solve problems on your own without much help to be successful at remote working. Remember, with work from home you don’t have access to a team to brainstorm with regularly. You’ll need to have the patience to research for hours and find the answer or next step on your own. If you’re especially creative, this won’t be a problem for you.


Excellent Written Communication

Communication is essential for remote work. With verbal communication at a minimum and in-person communication impossible, you’ll need to have excellent writing skills to depend on. All communication is done digitally with your team, via instant-messaging systems and email. Are you able to efficiently break down tasks, budget information, and next steps/action items plainly in an email? If written communication is your strength, you have what you need to productively work from home.


Proactive Time Management

When working from home, you’re in charge of your own time. And while that sounds great, it comes with great responsibility. You won’t have a supervisor to check in with you, but you’ll still have deadlines for completing projects. Utilizing editorial calendars, making a list of daily tasks, and using your email calendar and its reminders can help you manage your time. You have a lot of tools at your disposal, but you’ll still be responsible for ensuring you’re not wasting precious time and accomplishing everything needed for that day, that week, that month.


Computer Savvy

If you’re technologically-challenged, remote work isn’t for you. The only way to manage working remotely, to complete tasks and communicate with anyone, is to have a tech-savvy skillset. Do you learn new programs quickly, without much guidance? Are you quick to respond and enjoy speed-typing? Are you eager to try out new platforms online? That inquisitive and tech-savvy attitude will help you work more successfully while at home.


Acute Organization

Staying organized is vital when working from home. You don’t only have last-minute work tasks to stay on top of, to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks, but you also have the distraction of at-home tasks staring you in the face. Acute organization and attention to minute detail are two very important skills to have to be successful when working remotely.


Create a Productive, Dedicated Workspace

Our environment has a huge effect on our productivity and mood. If you create a designated workspace at home, where roommates or family can’t bother you and your brain can adapt to the mindset that you’re at work. It shouldn’t take up your time to find the tools you need. A productive, easily accessible workspace is essential for a successful remote working situation.


We hope you enjoy your future in remote working. It can really improve your work-life balance if done properly. Good luck! For more career success advice, follow our blog and catch new episodes of our podcast.


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