Meet May’s Speaker: Jennifer Anderson

pdxMindShare WebinarValues-Driven Leadership: How to Create a Competitive Edge

Jennifer Anderson is the founder of Full Bloom Career Academy, a full-service career training and coaching program. A self-proclaimed “High Tech Refugee” Jen has spent the last 15 years teaching thousands of people the concepts of how to create a thriving career. She’s coached hundreds of people down the garden path to discovering their perfect work, and taught hundreds of entrepreneurs the secrets of launching successful small businesses. An “Early Settler” of the professional coaching industry as well as a Professional Certified Coach, Jennifer is a trainer at Coach University and a faculty member of Portland Community College and the University of California at Davis – Extension. Jennifer is a mother of two and a ridiculously proud grandmother of one. She is also an avid fan of University of Kansas Basketball.

We are switching to webinars

MindShare is always looking to evolve to the changing needs of its constituents. We’ve evaluated the value of the physical networking and workshops and have determined that taking a digital approach will better meet everyone’s logistical and schedule challenges. To ensure that every MindShare member has access to our workshops, we are going to be switching from in-person workshops to online webinars. We will continue to partner with other organizations throughout the year for in-person networking events. We are also evaluating other ways to maximize the value of future special in-person workshops, so stay tuned for details. To RSVP for this webinar please contact Paris. She will make sure you are added to the webinar promotion list. We hope this change has a positive effect on our member’s workshop experience.

How to create a competitive edge by leveraging the powerful connection between your team members’ core values, health and well-being, and the achievement of personal and professional goals.

Tell us a little about yourself:

Jennifer Anderson, PCC, PMC, DTM, is an internationally recognized career development expert, trainer and author. She is a collaborative partner with Sacramento-based Science2WellBeing, a leading creator of evidence-based advanced coaching tools.

What will you be covering in your presentation?

Most people are aware that we are more effective when we work toward goals based on our values. What few people understand is that we operate on two different sets of values. First, core values, which are inherent and more or less permanent; and second, acquired values, which we absorb from our changing environment. The problem arises when our acquired values conflict with and overshadow our core values. As a leader, you should be able to identify and leverage the scientifically proven connection between individuals’ core values and their sense of peace, better health and momentum in fulfilling their personal and professional goals.

You should attend if you are interested in learning how to:

  • Help your team set personal and professional goals that truly matter
  • Motivate yourself and/or your team to get better results
  • Lower your and/or your team members’ stress and increase the sense of well-being while more easily achieving goals
  • Create greater harmony in personal and professional relationships

Top 3 Takeaways (applicable both to you and your team):

  • Understand why you may be experiencing a disconnect between what you say are your priorities and your daily choices and habits
  • Understand why you sometimes make decisions that you later come to regret
  • Discover how to lower stress and create greater life satisfaction, as well as achieve better results in your personal and professional goals

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