What You’ll Learn at May’s MindShare Event, and Meet Our Speaker!

We are very much looking forward to the next pdxMindShare event this upcoming Wednesday, May 18th featuring first-time speaker Jim Edgerton who will teach us how to create dynamic PowerPoint slides and be able to present them in an engaging and memorable way. As always, our career-focused workshop will be followed by networking with dozens of Portland professionals. The event takes place at the Lucky Lab on NW Quimby in between 19th & 20th. There are no RSVP’s required, and everyone is welcome!

Learn a little more about our speaker and why you should attend this event in Jim’s own words:

jim edgertonTell us a little about yourself.
I never planned to be a PowerPoint(R) sorcerer supreme. But for some strange reason, my early work as a graphic artist and standup comic led me into doing a lot of presentations. During 20 years of very complex product marketing (15 of them at Mentor Graphics), I became that guy who bosses always ask to do something new with the software. “Can you make the presentation password-protected? Can you add my voice to those slides?” Foolishly I always said yes, and I found a way. Now you can benefit from my foolishness.

What will you be covering in your presentation?
I’ll be discussing better ways to organize your thoughts and then communicate them using things I learned as an artist. Then I’ll quickly describe how to do the things I’ve been showing in my promo videos: automatically updating infographics and charts from Excel(R), adding narration and generating HD video.

Why should Portland professionals attend?
Most of us who use PowerPoint at work do everything the hard way. This discussion will make everything you do easier, faster and more effective. If nothing else, you’ll be able to show your coworkers some amazingly cool tricks.

What are the top 3 takeaways for attendees?
Research indicates that the effectiveness of a presentation is influenced about 10% by the format of the slides, 20% by the subject matter and almost 70% by the delivery of the information by the speaker. I will offer ways to improve all three areas.

Here is a little sample of what’s to come as well!

Meta Sample: a video created using PowerPoint… about a presentation about making videos with PowerPoint from Jim Edgerton, Xpert on Vimeo.