How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

Ever wanted to revamp your LinkedIn profile, but not sure where to start? This blog provides an in-depth guide on how to go about updating your profile for optimal impact. An optimized LinkedIn profile can be incredibly impactful not only for landing your dream job, but also to help network for your current business, find new leads and utilize it as a marketing tool for campaigns and other exciting personal or business developments.

The first thing to address is your profile photo and masthead. Be sure to choose a professional, high-quality photo which is also current and accurately depicts what you look like. That being said, don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own personal flair on this. This is especially true if you are in a creative field. For the masthead photo, choose something that depicts your industry or a skill that you have. Be sure the photo will look good and fit in the masthead format, and not become distorted. You may have to experiment to find one that fits.

The next area you’ll want to optimize is your title. This should be compelling, and most importantly searchable. This area allows you to expand on your current talents. This is not the place to write your current title, although you can include it. Include any special skills you have, your current title (if desired), or find a way to work in the title of the job you want. You can do this by writing, for example, “aspiring financial analyst”, that way when recruiters search financial analyst you will pop up, while still honestly representing yourself. You will then want to set your location, either to where you currently live or where you are hoping to get hired. Check how many connections you have. If you have fewer than 500, you’ll want to prioritize getting there as it lends credibility to your profile.

Now, move on to your bio, another very important area of your profile. You’ll want to be sure to write this in first person. Contrary to what you may have heard in the past, writing your LinkedIn bio in first person is a best practice, and will come across authentic and genuine. Outline any accomplishments, awards, or recognition, and be sure to keyword-load it so that tools used in LinkedIn will identify your profile. Below your bio is your work experience. Be sure this is fully filled out and feel free to include any relevant URLs. Also, be sure to include any benchmarks or KPI’s in this area. Next you’ll want to fully fill out your education section.

Lastly, to fully round out your profile, move on to any volunteer experience, hobbies, and interests. While these may seem like minor or unimportant details, they can in fact be a great way to connect with a recruiter and build a more relatable and authentic presence. Try to get some endorsements. An easy way to do this is by endorsing others in return, but be sure your number of endorsements given does not exceed the amount you have.

For more in depth info on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, listen to this webcast from Anvil Media President and Founder, Kent Lewis. If you’re still looking to take your LinkedIn to the next level, stay tuned for our next blog post to learn how you can utilize LinkedIn’s advanced tools to further build your LinkedIn presence.