Meet DreamPath Founders & June’s pdxMindShare Speakers

Next week, Wednesday, June17th, we will host our monthly career-focused workshop and networking event at Trader Vic’s in downtown Portland. Each month we bring in expert speakers to help professionals in the area reach their career objectives. Whether it’s to get a promotion, a new job or change careers, our goal is to give attendees ideas and tools to use to help them reach their goals faster and more gracefully. All our workshops are followed by networking where there is the potential to connect with dozens of other Portland professionals and even potential employers looking to hire. Last month, we had over 60 people in attendance! This month, we are bringing in DreamPath founders Balki and Balaji to present on “Learn How to Land a Job at Your Dream Company.” They really took being unhappy in a job to a new level by developing software to help people find their dream job at their dream company.

Please take a moment, and meet our June speakers through our blog, and hopefully we’ll see you again or meet you in person on the 17th! The workshop begins at 4:30PM and networking follows at 5:30PM. This event is free and everyone is welcome. No RSVP required. Trader Vic’s does offer a fabulous happy hour you can partake in!

About Balki & Balaji:

Tell us a little about yourself:
We (Balki and Balaji) are co-founders of a software company, DreamPath.  We worked together for several years at a large financial services company.  A couple years ago I was suffering in a job that I didn’t enjoy much. I was so motivated to find a new career that I paid a career coach $1800 for advice and direction. And that investment was worth every penny! You know why? Not because he got me my dream job at a small software company, but because the coach taught me the most valuable career lesson of all:

“Focus, follow and “connect” with a small number of companies that he would love to work for – don’t just chase every job as it is posted on a job board!”

That powerful idea stuck with me even after his corporate career search ended.

Balaji also went through a similar experience. So when Balaji and I decided to start a company together we knew exactly what they needed to create:

A software tool that focused on helping career-seekers find a career at their dream companies.

 What will you be covering in your presentation?
Tonight we will be covering an interesting and often overlooked area of job search: Targeting, and focusing exclusively on your dream companies.

When I worked with the career coach, the entire strategy focused on identifying just a handful of companies (20 to be precise) and taking every action to appeal to those dream companies.

We will stick to this powerful philosophy in our session as well and take it to the next level.

We will look at how to identify and target dream companies, research those companies like a pro, make the right connections with thought-leaders and finally highlighting your profile to make you a #1 candidate at those dream companies.

Why should Portland professionals attend?
When you are in a job search mode, it’s quite easy to get mired in the details and lose that focus.  This session will help Portland professionals get back in the groove and focus on just those important elements of a fulfilling career.  Not to mention learn some strategies that you have not seen anywhere else so far.

What are the top 3 takeaways for attendees?

  1. Target just a handful of companies that match your values (12-20 companies is ideal)
  2. Obsessively focus all your career activities towards those companies, decision-makers and industry influencers
  3. Create stunning, relevant online profiles that showcase your interest in that company, your expertise that matches their needs and your willingness to go above & beyond.