Mastering Networking on Alignable: Best Practices for Success

Alignable vs LinkedIn

In the realm of professional networking, Alignable has emerged as an invaluable platform for connecting businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Unlike traditional networking platforms like LinkedIn, Alignable focuses specifically on fostering relationships within local communities, making it an ideal space for small businesses to thrive. However, simply creating a profile on Alignable is not enough to guarantee success. To truly harness the platform’s potential, it’s crucial to understand and implement effective networking strategies. In this post, we will delve into the best practices for engaging and networking on Alignable to maximize your opportunities for growth and success.

Why Be Active on Alignable?

Before diving into the best practices, let us address the “Why?” Alignable might seem like just another platform demanding your time, but here is why it is worth your attention:

  • Intimate Networking Opportunities: Unlike larger platforms, Alignable is still growing. This means you can find people specifically looking for your services. It is easier to develop meaningful relationships rather than merely accumulating followers. As the platform expands, you will continue to benefit from being an early adopter.
  • Quality Leads: Alignable has become one of our most productive lead-generation sources at The Coutts Agency. Spending just ten minutes a day on Alignable yields high-quality leads. By engaging with the right people, you will see results.
  • Referral and Industry Partners: Alignable simplifies finding both referral partners and industry peers. It is a goldmine for connecting with businesses that align with your goals.

There are two primary categories of best practices for getting the most out of Alignable. The first section focuses on platform-specific functionality and the second are all-around best practices that may be applied to other platforms, including LinkedIn.

Complete and Optimize Your Profile

Your Alignable profile serves as your virtual storefront, providing potential connections with valuable information about your business. Make sure your profile is complete and up to date, including a professional profile picture, a compelling description of your business, and accurate contact information. A complete profile not only instills confidence in potential connections but also increases your visibility within the Alignable community.

Join Relevant Groups

Alignable offers a vast array of industry-specific and interest-based groups, providing a wealth of opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing. Identify groups that align with your business goals, industry, or areas of interest, and actively participate in discussions. Contribute valuable insights, share your expertise, and engage with other members to build meaningful connections. For example, I joined both Portland-area groups and Advertising & Marketing groups.

Participate in Q&A Sessions

Alignable’s Q&A feature (called Advice) allows members to ask questions and seek advice from the community. Actively participate in these sessions by providing thoughtful and insightful answers. Not only will this highlight your expertise, but it will also help you establish yourself as a valuable resource within the community. I recommend reviewing Advice Forum best practices before engaging.

Attend (or Host) Virtual Events

Alignable hosts a variety of virtual events, including webinars, workshops, and networking sessions. Known as Smart Connect, the virtual networking events are highly efficient, 1:1 7-minute discussions. Actively participate in these events to expand your knowledge, gain insights from industry experts, and connect with like-minded professionals. These events provide excellent opportunities for building relationships and fostering collaboration. Additionally, consider hosting your own events to display your business, share your expertise, and attract potential clients or collaborators. Whether it is an online seminar, workshop, or networking mixer, hosting events can help you stand out and establish yourself as a leader in your field.

Endorse and Recommend

Alignable’s endorsement and recommendation system is a valuable tool for building trust and credibility within the community. Endorse the skills and services of your connections, and do not hesitate to ask for endorsements or recommendations in return. These endorsements serve as social proof and can help you attract potential clients or partners. Do follow Alignable’s best practices for giving recommendations and referrals, for optimal outcomes.

When it comes to general best practices, here are five best practices to consider that apply to other platforms, including LinkedIn, but should not be ignored. Although I’ve written and presented about LinkedIn best practices in the past, these fresh tips are worth consideration for both platforms.

Offer Help and Support

Networking is a two-way street, and offering help and support to others can go a long way in building strong relationships on Alignable. Whether it is providing advice, recommendations, or resources, demonstrating a willingness to assist others not only fosters goodwill but also increases the likelihood of reciprocity. By being generous with your time and expertise, you will establish yourself as a trusted and dependable partner within the Alignable community.

Seek Out Genuine Connections

While it may be tempting to connect with as many people as possible on Alignable, quality trumps quantity when it comes to networking. Instead of indiscriminately sending connection requests, focus on building genuine relationships with individuals who share common interests or goals. Take the time to personalize your outreach messages, highlighting specific reasons for wanting to connect and demonstrating your genuine interest in establishing a meaningful relationship.

Showcase Your Expertise

One of the most powerful features of Alignable is the ability to highlight your expertise through various channels, such as creating posts, sharing articles, or hosting events. Use these opportunities to highlight your knowledge, share valuable insights, and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. By consistently delivering high-quality content, you will not only attract the attention of potential connections but also establish yourself as a trusted authority within your local community.

Follow Up and Stay Connected

Networking does not end with the initial connection – it is important to nurture and maintain relationships over time. After connecting with someone on Alignable, follow up with a personalized message expressing your appreciation and interest in continuing the conversation. Stay connected by regularly engaging with their posts, offering support when needed, and finding opportunities for collaboration. By demonstrating your commitment to building long-term relationships, you will strengthen your network and increase your chances of success on Alignable. Speaking of staying connected, consider connecting with me on Alignable.

Focus on the Long Game

Remember, building a strong presence and network on Alignable takes time and consistent effort. Engage regularly, interact with your connections, and be patient. Establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy member of the community (including participating weekly in groups and events), and the rewards of networking will gradually unfold. Don’t forget to use your ten free monthly connections wisely (unless you elect to invest in Premium membership).

In Conclusion

Networking on Alignable offers a unique opportunity to connect with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals in a meaningful way. By following these best practices – from completing your profile and actively engaging in community discussions to offering help and support and displaying your expertise – you can maximize your opportunities for success and establish yourself as a valuable member of the Alignable community. Remember, networking is about building relationships, so approach each interaction with authenticity, generosity, and a genuine desire to connect and collaborate.