7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Headhunter for You

You’ve been searching and searching, and you know you have the skills and experience companies are looking for, but none of your potential job opportunities have worked out. You may not be getting second interviews, or you may not be getting the right offers that fit your needs. Does this sound like you? There are many resources for you to help you find your next position. Try working with headhunters or recruiting agencies. They can coach you through the interview and negotiation process, and match you with a company you’ll love working for. Follow these steps to choose the right headhunter or recruiting agency for you.

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Have Clear Goals

Before beginning your search, identify what you want and what you hope to achieve from this engagement. A recruiter or headhunter can’t find you the job you want if they don’t know what that is, or where you want to go with your career. Businesses want to nurture their teams’ career growth and they want to hire loyal employees who will grow with them. To do that, they need to have a clear understanding of your goals, so they can best meet them.


Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool and should always be a job seeker’s first go-to. On LinkedIn, you can search for recruiters, or use the “let recruiters know I’m looking” feature and they’ll most likely come to you. Recruiters and headhunters make commission off finding the perfect candidate for the company that hired them. So, it’s in their best interest to find you. Make it easier for them!

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Consider the Industry

When looking at recruitment agencies and headhunters individually, consider which industry they represent. Some agencies or headhunters represent multiple verticals, but a lot of them focus on their specialty. If you’re looking for something in the marketing, IT, sales, or administrative services, verify that the recruiter or headhunter represents your chosen industry.


Understand That It’s A Relationship

Working with a recruiter or headhunter is a business relationship. And just like in any relationship, you might not find the right fit right away. It’s okay to look at other options if you don’t think this is going to work out. Ask if you can be referred to another recruiter or headhunter at the agency, or start searching for a new agency that specializes in your industry. This is another reason having clear goals on what you’re looking for is vital. This relationship works best when both parties understand what your ideal job responsibilities, employment benefits, and company values are.


Check Reviews & References

Just as they would ask you for references, you should definitely ask for theirs. What do others say about working with this recruiter or headhunter? Look at the agency’s reviews online. With a headhunter, ask for references from past clients and peruse reviews or testimonials online. Consider their experiences when deciding if this agency or headhunter is a good fit.


Keep in Mind the Company is Their Client

It’s important to remember who they work for (i.e., who will be cutting the check at the end of the process). Adam Morris, Founder and CEO of Salesfirst Recruiting, represents companies with the goal in mind that he is going to find the perfect candidate for his clients. Recruiting agencies will help you as a candidate, but their first priority is to ensure the company’s goals are met. They want to find the best match for company and candidate.


Ask Lots of Questions

You want to make sure this opportunity is right for you. So, just like at the end of an interview, you’ll want to ask the recruiter questions at the end of the call to decide if this is right for you before getting the interview with the company. Neither you nor the hiring manager wants to waste time on a position that you’re not interested in or doesn’t meet your needs.


We had the pleasure of speaking with Adam Morris, who owns and operates Salesfirst Recruiting, a recruitment agency currently specializing in delighting clients with a niche range of services – especially recruiting the highest performing, most coveted sales and marketing professionals across the United States.


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