5 tips for creating good first impressions

two men negotiating job offer by shaking hands


Do you have a job interview coming up, or your first day at a new company? There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you begin to prepare for that solid first impression, and we’ve got you covered. In this article, we provide an outline of how to succeed in an interview along with a detailed discussion surrounding each point.


One of the most important things when creating a good first impression is to smile. Implicit and cognitive biases have a huge impact on people’s first impressions of you. Whether or not you want to be there, smiling can never go wrong. Smiling shows confidence and it tells everyone in the room that you are happy to be around them, even if you aren’t. Especially during a first impression, a smile can be contagious. Oh and if you hate your smile, don’t– it looks amazing!


Make eye contact

Eye contact can go a long way, but one of the main reasons why eye contact is essential is because it shows you’re listening and that you’re genuine about the conversation. When you make eye contact with people, you show that you are listening to them and people love when they’re listened to and heard. It can create a trustworthy impression that you are locked in to whatever they are talking about. 


Have good body language 

Another indicator of your interest in being somewhere is your body language. We’ve all seen a basketball player miss a shot– when they have poor body language it shows and it can affect their game mentally and physically. When you show good body language during a first impression it gives off confidence and it can also be a good indicator that you actually want to be there and a part of the group. According to experts, nonverbal communication like body language makes up around 70-93% of all communication. Your body language can speak volumes, without opening your mouth. 


Be real

A lot easier said than done? Not necessarily. Just be yourself, people can catch onto you for not being authentic real quick. This means not being super domineering and letting the conversation flow, rather than trying to assert your opinions. Another component to being real is showing compassion. When you show people that you actually care about them, it allows for trust and certainty about one another to be gained. 



You’ll see a lot of people say to dress up or look the part– well then it’s not a real first impression! Creating more pressure on a first impression leads to a higher chance of failure, when you are relaxed it can give off an aura of confidence and show that you’re not nervous to be there. Being relaxed during a first impression will allow you to have more fluent conversations and will allow you to loosen up your shoulders a little bit to help with that body language we talked about. Again, if you be yourself– you’ll be perfectly fine, there’s a reason you’re there anyways!


Of course there are a multitude of factors that go into a successful job interview or first day, but keeping these tips in mind can certainly support you in that process. Starting these interactions out on the right foot and with confidence could be the key to accomplishing your goal, so ensure you are prepared before you walk into that first interview or team meeting. Oh, and good luck!