5 Simple Job Search Tips That People Always Forget

How is the job search going? If you cringed at the question, you might be struggling because your job-hunting strategy needs some adjustments. We’ve got you covered! There may be only a few slight adjustments to make to your daily tasks more effective and get you a step closer to landing your dream job. Try […]

How to Ask for a Job Reference (And Actually Get It)

Do you cringe whenever a career coach or hiring manager asks for your references? That’s a normal reaction. A lot of job seekers find asking for references intimidating. Let’s be honest, asking people to say nice things about you is awkward. But it’s a necessary evil to land a great position with a credible company […]

How to Nail the Phone Interview

Though most companies are suffering a hiring-hold during the current health crisis, a lot are still hosting interviews to find their newest team member to come on board when they can hire again. In this digital age, there are so many ways to connect and even interview job candidates. One of the ways candidate screenings […]

Kent Lewis: Goal-setting for 2020

Recent research indicates you’ve already given up on your New Years’ resolutions (January 19 appears to be the magic date). But it doesn’t have to be that way. Since 1997, I’ve set annual goals and achieved them consistently. You can too. This article outlines annual goal-setting best practices and provides tips to help achieve those […]

Tips to Rock Your First Day on the Job

It’s the big day! It’s your first day at the new job. It’s understandable that you’re going to be nervous. Breathe and smile through it. We know you’ll make a good first impression. The one thing you can do to achieve that, is just to listen. Here are some tips to have a spectacular first […]

New Job: Negotiation

Congrats on getting the offer! Take a minute to brush the imaginary dust off your shoulder. Now, time to negotiate. If that word made you cringe, you’re not alone. According to glassdoor.com, 59% of employees didn’t try to negotiate when offered their current job, 52% of those employees were men and 68% of them were […]

How to Crush the Behavioral Interview

  While we can’t predict every question an interviewer will ask, we can prepare for the most common ones. Among those common interview inquiries are the six most common behavioral interview questions. When crafting an answer, it helps to know the purpose of each question and why it’s being asked. Each question has a goal. […]

How to Become an Industry Influencer

I was recently asked by a prospective client and local entrepreneur for advice on building her credentials as a professional speaker. After sharing my advice with her on a call, I realized it might be helpful for others to share my thoughts on how to build yourself up as an influencer and speaker. In this […]

Expert Tips on How to Become a Professional Speaker

For those of you interested in generating awareness for your company or your personal brand, consider ramping up speaking engagements. In this article, Anvil Media and pdxMindShare founder Kent Lewis outlines best practices for becoming a professional speaker or presenter. Before submitting to speaking opportunities, there are a few interim steps you can and should […]