Upcoming pdxMindShare Events!

We’ve been busy at pdxMindShare lining up great speakers for our monthly career-focused workshop and networking events, and we have some dynamite topics and presenters on the horizon! As a reminder, all of our events happen on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Our location is going to change since our friends at Trader Vic’s […]

September Wrap-Up & Fall Events

In September, we had first-time speaker Danielle Baker from the Science of People present at our monthly workshop and she was nothing short of fabulous! Her topic on the power of body language gave attendees great information regardless if they were happily employed or on the hunt for a new position as it focused on […]

Meet Danielle, pdxMindShare’s September Speaker on The Power of Body Language

It’s hard to believe September is already here, but we are excited to welcome everyone to our event next week, Tuesday, September 15th,  as we haven’t seen you all since July!  We are also looking forward to welcoming Danielle Baker to speak at our career-focused workshop on the power of body language and how to […]

Meet DreamPath Founders & June’s pdxMindShare Speakers

Next week, Wednesday, June17th, we will host our monthly career-focused workshop and networking event at Trader Vic’s in downtown Portland. Each month we bring in expert speakers to help professionals in the area reach their career objectives. Whether it’s to get a promotion, a new job or change careers, our goal is to give attendees ideas and tools to […]

Introducing pdxMindShare Q1 2015 Speakers!

We are excited to kick off 2015 with a number of excellent speakers for our pdxMindShare career-focused workshops & networking events. Each month, we bring in expert speakers that equip our attendees with information to help advance careers, secure new jobs, change careers, or just looking to excel in their current position. Events are held […]

Meet Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie, MindShare’s November Speaker

pdxMindShare hosts its monthly career-focused workshop & networking event at Trader Vic’s in downtown Portland on November 19th. This will be the last traditional event of the year, and it’s going to be a great one! Each month, we like to bring in speakers to inspire and educate attendees to help them achieve their career goals, whether […]