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Past Webinars:

April 2021: How an Informational Interview Can Boost Your Career
Getting a job, especially in times of uncertainty, can be a major challenge. One of the most effective ways to get in front of your ideal employer is through informational interviews. pdxMindShare Founder Kent Lewis shares his experience, both securing informational interviews and as an entry-level intern and hosting informational interviews as a hiring manager and employer since 1997. This workshop covers best practices for securing an informational interview and getting optimal outcomes, including formal job offers or referrals to hiring managers at other companies. From this webinar, you can develop a roadmap for securing employment via informational interviews.

March 2021: How to Create a Fulfilling AND Financially-Rewarding Career
During times of crisis, most professionals take the time to reflect on their job, career and life in general, whether it be voluntary or forced by economic conditions. Regardless of your current employment status, there is no bad time to evaluate your career and build a long-term roadmap to success. In this workshop, pdxMindShare Founder, Kent Lewis, shared his thoughts as an employee, manager, entrepreneur, and business owner by outlining six key steps to a fulfilling and financially-rewarding career. Lewis provided a checklist for any dream job, outlined what smart employers are looking for in new hires, and shared habits that virtually ensure long-term success.

February 2021: How to Stand Out During Your Job Search
Does your LinkedIn profile standout? Is your resume tailored to the specific jobs you apply to? Anvil’s Vice President, Mike Terry, shares his 25 years of job searching, recruiting and hiring tips to help you stand out during your job search. Register here to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your outlook on your job search.

January 2021: Simple Job Search Tips People Always Forget
If your job search isn’t getting you the results you’re looking for, you might be struggling because your job-hunting strategy needs some refining. There may be only a few slight adjustments to make to your daily tasks more effective and get you a step closer to landing your dream job. In this webinar, the pdxMindShare team talked through helpful tips, that most people forget, to improve your job search strategy and put you ahead of the competition.

November 2020: How to Cope with Work-From-Home Stress
Many are struggling with full-time remote working conditions. Mental health concerns are at an all-time high, as each of us are disconnected from loved ones to respect social distancing. For those who are still working, you may have been relegated to remote work, and you’re probably trying to stay sane. We’re happy to help with that, by outlining 5 tips to help you cope with work-from-home stress.

October 2020: The Benefits Employees Really Want 
According to research, employees have four core needs from any employer or job opportunity: Achievement, Security, Culture and Freedom. pdxMindShare conducted research of its own via its LinkedIn Group to see how these needs have changed post-COVID. This webinar explored the core needs of today’s employee, how they’ve evolved since the pandemic, and how both employees and employers can make the best of today’s job market to maximize recruiting efficacy and employee retention. pdxMindShare Founder and Anvil Media President, Kent Lewis, shared research, trends, and best practices. From this webinar, current and aspiring employees received clarity on what they should be looking for in an ideal employer while employers could gain insights into how to make a more attractive and sticky culture, recruiting, and HR environment.

June 2020: How to Become an Industry Thought Leader
In the post-coronavirus world, graduates, unemployed, and even employed professionals struggle to stand out to recruiters, management, and customers. Additionally, business professionals must deftly navigate decreased budgets in an increasingly noisy COVID-19 landscape. One solution to these new realities is to empower professionals to build a stand-out personal brand. pdxMindShare founder and Anvil Media President, Kent Lewis, outlined five key strategies to building personal brand, including writing, speaking, awards, press coverage, and social media engagement. From this webinar, you will be able to start building your own memorable brand, whether entering the workforce, changing careers or looking to amplify your current role.

May 2020: How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile
With over 600 million active users, LinkedIn is the premier business-to-business social media platform. Whether you’re a graduating senior, recently furloughed due to COVID-19, or are making a career change; this is for you. pdxMindShare founder and President of Anvil Media, Kent Lewis, shared LinkedIn best practices that will help you increase awareness, industry credibility, and expand your network. As a seasoned digital marketer, adjunct professor and entrepreneur, Lewis touched on all the vital aspects of your LinkedIn profile that should be refined in a virtual tour format.