Save the Date for September’s MindShare Event!

Written on August 10, 2016 at 9:07 am, by Shannon

MindShare is taking the month of August off and will resume our regular events on September 21st back at Lucky Lab on NW Quimby. We are excited to have first-time speaker Emily Anderson who will be talking about the BEST (Business Evaluation & Sustainability Test) assessment  we are giving our MindShare community the opportunity to take. She uses this assessment to help place people with small businesses and to help you determine where you are best suited to work. As a bonus, it gives you some great language to use in interviews and on your resume.

 To take the assessment, click here. (It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete)

 Once you get the results, be sure to bring them to the MindShare event on September 21, and Emily will walk you through what it all means and unpackage it for you. Print them out or use a laptop or tablet to go through it.

We look forward to seeing you then and hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! 

Join MindShare at the SEMpdx Rooftop Networking Party!

Written on July 26, 2016 at 7:07 pm, by Shannon

pdxMindShare is co-hosting the annual SEMpdx Networking Party on August 10th, and we hope you’ll be there for some old school networking in uptown Portland at the Hotel deLuxe. Enjoy good food, drinks and conversations as DJ Jonas Healy spins tunes.  

Register Now!

Date and Time
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Hotel deLuxe — see map
729 SW 15th Avenue 
Portland, OR 97205
The party will be on the roof of their parking structure, across SW Yamhill from the hotel.

Meet Randy Wright, July’s MindShare Speaker

Written on July 5, 2016 at 5:43 pm, by Shannon

With the 4th of July holiday behind us, our July event is quickly approaching! We’ll be back at Lucky Lab on NW Quimby on July 20th starting at 4:30PM. This month we’ll have first-time speaker Randy Wright, a successful marketing professional who has worked with and coached countless professionals, speak about a component that could be missing in your job search or even your professional career: you attitude. You might have the perfect resume and credentials as well as all the right answers to interview questions, but if your attitude isn’t aligned, it could cost you the job or promotion you wanted. Following Randy’s presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to network with dozens of Portland professionals and employers.

As always, our events are free, everyone is welcome, and no RSVP is required.

Please meet Randy and learn why you should attend MindShare this month:

Tell us about yourself:
I’m an Oregonian and have lived here for most of my life. I am a passionate marketing professional with 20 years of success leading big brands and companies helping them achieve their goals. I have always been interested in what inspires people to act, motivates them and how to drive the brand to shorten the gap between non-action and action. I’ve invested years working with companies to help them understand the mindset of the consumer and what drives them. And I love it! I have coached and mentored teams all over the world. Working with people and helping them achieve their goals has been very rewarding for me. I love to see people put into practice what they’ve learned and then step back and see more growth. I’ve worked for large organizations in corporate America as well as small startups and have held titles including North American and Global Marketing Manager to VP of Sales and Marketing.

What will you be covering in your presentation?
The employment landscape is continuing to become more and more difficult to navigate. In fact, sometimes in can be down right daunting. There are folks out there that will help you write a resume and teach you how to write a great cover letter. There are some organizations that will even help you practice interviewing. But there isn’t anyone that I can think of that will give you one of the most important aspects of landing a great new job and that’s all about attitude.

My presentation we will touch on;
1. Why our attitudes become deficient as it relates to being let go from a company.
2. We will then focus on what a solid and healthy attitude in the job search looks like.
3. And then we will follow up with tools that anyone can use in their job search to overcome objections from job search and differentiate yourself to be the standout candidate.

Why should Portland Professionals attend?
If you don’t know you should… The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that employees will change roles about every 4.2 years. For Millennials that gap is even shorter. That means if you’ve been in your role or with the same company for more than 4 years that you could be in line for a career change and very possibly not by your choice.

What are the top 3 takeaways for attendees?
1. Be aware of your attitude and what and or how you are conveying your persona in your job search.
2. Understand the elements that prevent you from having a great attitude.
3. Know the tools you can use to break free from a less than positive attitude.

What You Missed at MindShare’s June Workshop with Danielle Baker

Written on June 16, 2016 at 3:05 pm, by Shannon

Danielle Baker of Science of People and came back to present at MindShare this month, and just as I suspected, she was nothing short of fabulous. Her presentation focused on body language and people skills for business. One of the reasons I enjoy her presentations so much is she doesn’t only tell us how we should behave professionally, she also gives us solid evidence as to why we should listen to her. If there was one main takeaway from her workshop I can give you all, it would be to use your hands. Did you know hands are the first thing people notice about you subconsciously and is a big indicator if people will trust you or not? Here are a few other tidbits about hands and touch that you should think about when meeting and interacting with people:

  • Just one good handshake is worth 3 hours of face time. 3 hours! And a hug is worth even more. Why you ask? It’s due to the oxytocin that is released when touching another human being.
  • YouTube videos of Ted Talks where people use hand gestures get far more views than those without. You are more likely to be believed and engaging with hand gestures.
  • Jurors find defendants that put their hands under the table more sneaky and less trustworthy.

So, please keep your hands out of your pockets, above the table, make gestures, and be sure to make physical contact. If you practice this and use it, it will hep you be remembered, believed in, appear trustworthy, and happier.

Danielle also talked about facial expressions and much more. She doesn’t have slides to share, but she is providing some homework and videos to watch to improve your interactions professionally and personally. Please reach out to her for questions or if you’d like to engage in some coaching!

Danielle M Baker, Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach 



1. Test Your Body Language
How good is nonverbal? Test your skills with our quiz.

2. Practice Microexpressions
Review all 7 Microexpressions and see them in action!

 3. Personality Science
 Take the official personality test.

Bonus: Science of Influence
We have 7 scientifically proven steps to increase your influence. Watch the videos.

Next Event!
Finally, please don’t miss our event next month on July 20th at Lucky Lab with Randy Wright. He’ll help us steer our job search in the right direction with advice on how to use a positive attitude and adjust some negative preprogramming that might be holding you back.  

Want to Develop a New pdxMindShare Website?

Written on June 10, 2016 at 9:01 am, by Shannon

We aren’t going to lie, and we’ve known it for a while now: The MindShare site needs to be refreshed! It’s been good to us and has served it’s purpose over the years, but it’s time to be beautified. The good news is we have a fresh new design (sneak peak to the right!) from PopArt, but we are looking for someone to develop it for us in exchange for becoming a permanent sponsor for the life of the site. This includes your logo with our other sponsors on all or most of the pages. Interested? Need more details? Please reach out to me at and I’d be happy to answer any questions. This is a great opportunity for someone to get a good deal of exposure through our social channels and marketing efforts as we have a great reach. Know someone who might be a fit? Please pass this opportunity along to them! 

May’s pdxMindShare Presentation from Jim Edgerton

Written on May 19, 2016 at 11:09 am, by Shannon

pdxMindShareLast night we had our May pdxMindShare event at Lucky Lab in NW Portland. First-time speaker, Jim Edgerton, presented on how to make great PowerPoint presentations and captivate and engage an audience while going through it. He had some great tips on making images, streamlining colors, and some technical ways to enhance your slides. After the workshop, dozens of Portland professionals networked with new and old connections. It was another great event and a big thanks to Jim and all who attended! It was great seeing everyone again and meeting a handful of new attendees as well.

If you missed it or want to take another look, you can see what Jim presented on below. Not only are his slides included, but some very detailed notes on how to optimize your decks. You can download the file from SlideShare as well.

Please don’t forget to join us next month on June 15th when we have Danielle Baker of Science of People and back again to present on “People Skills for Business“. The location will be announced shortly! We look forward to seeing you all again, and remember, everyone is welcome!

May’s pdxMindShare Presentation on Increasing Your PowerPoint & Presentation Skills from pdxMindshare

What You’ll Learn at May’s MindShare Event, and Meet Our Speaker!

Written on May 16, 2016 at 1:25 pm, by Shannon

We are very much looking forward to the next pdxMindShare event this upcoming Wednesday, May 18th featuring first-time speaker Jim Edgerton who will teach us how to create dynamic PowerPoint slides and be able to present them in an engaging and memorable way. As always, our career-focused workshop will be followed by networking with dozens of Portland professionals. The event takes place at the Lucky Lab on NW Quimby in between 19th & 20th. There are no RSVP’s required, and everyone is welcome!

Learn a little more about our speaker and why you should attend this event in Jim’s own words:

Jim EdgertonTell us a little about yourself. 
I never planned to be a PowerPoint(R) sorcerer supreme. But for some strange reason, my early work as a graphic artist and standup comic led me into doing a lot of presentations. During 20 years of very complex product marketing (15 of them at Mentor Graphics), I became that guy who bosses always ask to do something new with the software. “Can you make the presentation password-protected? Can you add my voice to those slides?” Foolishly I always said yes, and I found a way. Now you can benefit from my foolishness.

What will you be covering in your presentation?
I’ll be discussing better ways to organize your thoughts and then communicate them using things I learned as an artist. Then I’ll quickly describe how to do the things I’ve been showing in my promo videos: automatically updating infographics and charts from Excel(R), adding narration and generating HD video.

Why should Portland professionals attend?
Most of us who use PowerPoint at work do everything the hard way. This discussion will make everything you do easier, faster and more effective. If nothing else, you’ll be able to show your coworkers some amazingly cool tricks.

What are the top 3 takeaways for attendees?
Research indicates that the effectiveness of a presentation is influenced about 10% by the format of the slides, 20% by the subject matter and almost 70% by the delivery of the information by the speaker. I will offer ways to improve all three areas.

Here is a little sample of what’s to come as well!

Meta Sample: a video created using PowerPoint… about a presentation about making videos with PowerPoint from Jim Edgerton, Xpert on Vimeo.

April’s pdxMindShare Presentation from JobJenny on Creating a Great Resume!

Written on April 21, 2016 at 12:16 pm, by Shannon

pdxMindShareWhat a great crowd at pdxMindShare last night at Touché ! We had nearly 60 Portland professionals come out to hear what Jenny Foss of had to say about creating that perfect resume that will get past the robots and the humans reviewing it in hopes you will land an interview for that job you really want. We learned all about what happens when you click on that “Apply Now” button to submit your credentials for a position and how the applicant tracking systems work. Great workshop! If you missed it or want to review the presentation, the deck is below. Also, Jenny has provided us with this document from her new Weekend Resume Makeover which shows you how to set up your resume so scanners will be more likely to pass your resume on to the hiring managers. Also, if you want to enroll in Jenny’s Weekend Resume Makeover course, you can enroll now for $50 off by entering MINDSHARE when checking out. 

Save Touché!
For those of you who may be aware, the 103-year-old building that Touché is in used to be a firehouse and can potentially be demolished to make room for another set of condos. If you are interested in trying to save this historical building, there is information here to do so. 

Next MindShare!
Finally, we are excited to have Jim Edgerton present to us at the next MindShare event on Wednesday, May 18th on how to create a great and engaging presentation quickly and to how to present it well! We will hold this event at the Lucky Labrador on NW Quimby. Hope to see you all there, and please let us know if you have any questions. Always feel free to reach out if you do! 


pdxMindShare’s April Presentation with JobJenny on Crafting a Resume from pdxMindshare

Our pdxMindShare Event with JobJenny will be at Touché on April 20th!

Written on April 15, 2016 at 1:17 pm, by Shannon

jobjenny.comWe are very excited to have JobJenny back with us at pdxMindShare next week and hope you will all join us at Touché on NW Glisan and 15th for a workshop on resumes and networking with dozens of Portland professionals. 

Career coach and resume writer extraordinaire Jenny Foss of will talk about how to make a resume that is both human and robot friendly. One that says you-had-me-at-hello and passes through scanners with success! She’ll also educate us on what happens when you hit that apply now button on online applications, and more!

We hope you’ll join us, and please bring a friend. This event is open to everyone and it’s free…no need to RSVP either. 

When: Wednesday, April 20th, 2016
Where: Touché on the corner of NW Glisan & 15th
Time: 4:30 pm for the workshop & 5:30 pm for the networking event (Free event, no RSVP required and everyone is welcome!)

 About Jenny in her own words:

I’m Jenny Foss — a journalist turned marketer turned recruiting agency owner turned career strategist, resume writer and blogger. While my career path has not been entirely linear (to say the least), the aggregate of my experiences serves me very well in what I do today. I draw upon, literally, every skill I’ve acquired to run 

A Detroit girl turned Portlander, I love just about everything about the Pacific Northwest, with exception of the insane lack of coney dogs and how 55 miles-per-hour is perfectly acceptable in the fast lane on I-5.  

 I’m a huge, huge believer in taking a run at whatever you feel will be most professionally fulfilling. You have talents that the world needs … and deserves. I’m also a believer that, in order to achieve big things, you have to build, convey and live the brand of you. 

Reach out to Shannon if you have any questions! 

Corporate Sponsor

I’m Jenny Foss — a journalist turned marketer turned recruiting agency owner turned career strategist, resume writer and blogger. While my career path has not been entirely linear (to say the least), the aggregate of my experiences serves me very well in what I do today. I draw upon, literally, every skill I’ve acquired to run


A Detroit girl turned Portlander, I love just about everything about the Pacific Northwest, with exception of the insane lack of coney dogs and how 55 miles-per-hour is perfectly acceptable in the fast lane on I-5. 


I’m a huge, huge believer in taking a run at whatever you feel will be most professionally fulfilling. You have talents that the world needs … and deserves. I’m also a believer that, in order to achieve big things, you have to build, convey and live the brand of you.

Chris Bartell’s Super Powers Presentation from the March MindShare Event

Written on March 17, 2016 at 9:18 am, by Shannon

pdxmindshare_attendeesLast night we had a great MindShare event at Ecliptic Brewing where first-time presenter Chris Bartell of Super Powers Academy presented on finding your super powers, what’s special and unique about you, and putting these powers to use by creating a power pitch that makes you memorable. He inspired attendees to find what they are truly good at and passionate about and encouraged putting it to use by creating a message that resonates when meeting people for the first time, helping others, interviewing, or whatever the case may be. Attendees took away some great information and homework too! Our friends at Vitamin T also joined us to talk about how they can help attendees with jobs and employers find great employees.

There was also a packed house at the brewery after having to change locations at the last minute. We very much appreciated all those who found us and hope everyone made a few great connections while networking. We hope to see you April 20th when Jenny Foss of joins us again and presents on “How to Build a Resume that is Robot and Human-Friendly.” It will be a great one to follow the March event with Chris to build on all you learned. Stay tuned about the location, and reach out to Shannon if you have any questions!

Below is the presentation from Chris! Enjoy!

March’s pdxMindShare Presentation with Chris Bartell: Find your super power from pdxMindshare